Pop-up retailing is about excitement, intrigue, hype, novelty… It is about the “now”, the “right here”, the “it” thing …. An experience that triggers emotions and activates the senses.

Some brands seem to have misinterpreted what pop-up retailing is, or didn’t grasp the real meaning of this phenomenon; maybe, and just maybe, they have taken the term for granted, having perceived the effect it has on people as soon as it announced. “Pop-up!!!”

Today, most of the announced pop-up shops are considering a “temporary retail solution, a “quick fix” that could serve marketing and sales purposes. 

If the pop-up store opened in a new area, then it could create awareness to new customers, it could entice sales, it could promote stock and so on. If the pop-up store opened in an area where customers already know of the brand and the brand’s store, then, it leads up to the same above listed outcomes. So, where is the added value that a pop-up shop should be presenting?

A pop-up store should appear unannounced in a location that is unexpected, draw customers through curiosity, present limited-edition merchandise (mostly at higher prices and limited quantities), work on mesmerizing the visitor’s senses, intrigue him to explore and spend a pleasant time in the shop… some brands are choosing to make use of their pop-up stores during a specific period of time to liquidate their stock or de-stock their merchandise. Whether proposing unique items or offering customers the chance to grab their favorite items at reduced prices, the pop-up store has to do so in a way that provides them with a unique experience. 

The true meaning and definition of pop-up retail has deviated from its original ideology. Specifics turned generic? Are brands pretending to open-up pop-up stores and confusing them with seasonal stores ?

Brand are to re-think their marketing strategies and retail strategies in order to make the best outcome regarding the brand’s status on the market, vis-a-vis customers, competitors… In short; what would the brand’s equity eventually be?

The post was written by Ghalia Boustani after a visit to Barcelona, Spain on July 31sth, 2015. 

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