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We have worked together on beautiful projects or shared interesting topics during LIVE chats. What are you waiting for?

Raphaël Brochard

Co-fondateur et CEO, PICNIC Paris

We reached out to have a chat with Ghalia, since she’s one of the “pop up store” specialist out there. So, it made sense for both of us to get in touch. Our collaboration was great, we had the opportunity to do a live Instagram on her page, and present PICNIC to her audience. Merci Ghalia!

Mutia Sari Syamsul

Founder of Marlin Group

I go to know Huckster by Ghalia Boustani through Instagram. And I am lucky to meet her through social media because she really helps others to get different perspectives related to the marketing and retail industry.

Huckster puts together many experts & speakers from different countries and industries on their platform and helps in presenting solutions to many retail problems.

With adequate preparation & clear strategy Huckster always gives us the opportunity to access novel retail and marketing content and get in touch with industry professionals.

David Pérez

Co-Founder & CEO, Go—Pop-up

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Huckster’s Instagram Live interviews and it was a great experience and a successful way of explaining our project and value proposition. Ghalia is very professional, smart, positive and welcoming person who makes you smile and feel good at all times. Always say yes to her! 🙂

Noémie Pauquet

Fondatrice, Point Physique

Ghalia est une femme passionnée et très curieuse ! J’ai beaucoup échangé avec elle au sujet de son étude sur les pop-up stores. Elle est bienveillante et engagée auprès des jeunes marques désireuses de gagner en notoriété.

Pierre-Luc Passy

Co-founder & CEO, La Devanture

It’s always a pleasure to discuss and share ideas with Ghalia, probably one of the best experts in the field of pop-up stores. I am always keen to read and listen to her live chats and her vision of the future of retail is very interesting as well!

Carl Boutet

Directeur général du centre québécois d’innovation en commerce

Really enjoyed the opportunity to present our brand new innovative pop-up shop concept meant to promote both local products & technologies. Huckster.fr international reach + Ghalia’s expertise is unique and validates that initiatives like ours win by collaborating. Thanks Ghalia for the opportunity.

Nicco Homaili

Founder & Design Lead

Ghalia is an amazing individual that promotes the important essences of retail design in the new era. Her topical conversations pertaining to the retail realm helped broaden designers like us in terms of achieving and enhancing end-user experiences and expectations. Also, her book is a biblical interpretation for retail enthusiasts! Amazing retail content as always!

Oliver Banks

Independent consultant & Podcast host of the Retail Transformation Show

Ghalia Boustani is an expert when it comes to pop up retailing. Whilst this trend has quickly grown, real understanding of the different challenges that brands must overcome is rare. Ghalia has this experience and through her Instagram Live shows will guide you as you explore ephemeral retail opportunities.

Nathalie Rodier

Digital Marketer with an entrepreneur mindset

“I discovered The Huckster via an Instagram Live and Ghalia contacted me shortly afterwards to suggest we did one together about my hands-on experience in suburban pop up stores as a small business owner in the Home & Lifestyle sectors: maisoncitron.com. It was such an easy process and a natural conversation together (and my very first live!) with key points being discussed, challenged to bring her audience with straight forward answers and opinions. Ghalia has extensive knowledge of this subject of course and is very professional in her approach which made our collaboration a cool experience to share with her and her community.


Shrehya Garwal

Luxury Blogger & Nearing Brand Consultant

Ghalia presented me with a great opportunity to be part of her Insta Live session where I had the chance to share my viewpoints on the Indian Luxury Retail sector.
It was a pleasure to be part of the talk which was hosted with such ease and grace. She has a very holistic and systematic approach towards what she would like to bring to the table. An absolute delight!
Thanks Ghalia.

Rawane Sleiman

Ex-founder and manager of RAWANE SLEIMAN, handmade leather goods brand

“Ghalia contacted me via my professional Instagram page to have a live Instagram. Even though we had never met before, we did have a fluid, casual and great discussion. Ghalia did know which points to emphasize while highlighting the most important insights and practices to creating an organically grown leather goods brand identity with a human-centric approach.”

Sara Teixeira

Head of Marketing & Research at ThePowerHouse

My experience at Ghalia’s lives was simply amazing. It gives us the opportunity to talk about what we like most about retail. It is a wonderful experience and I advise everyone to listen to the lives. The choice of participants is simply fantastic and enrich our knowledge.

For all retail lovers, Ghalia is an inspiration. Ghalia, keep up the great work and thank you for crossing paths.

Thavy Khamtan

International Alliances. Proximis

Thank you Ghalia for this great time of discussing and answering your questions. It was my first IGTV!

I hope that explaining about retailer challenges and putting forward solutions was helpful and insightful.

The proximis team and I look forward to learning about future brand challenges and to explain how we could be of help!

Looking forward to inviting you on Proximis stage soon!

Isabella Carrazza

Fashion Buyer and Luxury Branding PhD Candidate

I had the pleasure of exchanging with Ghalia during a “Live with Ghalia” instagram live on luxury brands. She knew what questions to pose and how to keep it going smoothly, allowing us to come up with some interesting and precious insights for both established and emerging luxury brands.

It is always enriching to catch up and discuss such matters with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable professional like Ghalia.
I’m looking forward to future exchanges!

Rubal Rathi

PhD – Luxury Brand Management

My interaction with Ghalia took place over LinkedIn when she provided me with an opportunity to speak at “Live with Ghalia Luxury Edition”. It was truly a delightful chat wherein we discussed the best practices for Luxury Brand Management. Ghalia is lively, inquisitive, and full of energy during her sessions and otherwise. Now, with a recently authored book, she is truly going places. I wish her all the luck and success. Bravo!

Linda Farha

Founder and Chief Connector, pop-up go

I was fortunate to connect with Ghalia through Instagram when she reached out to invite me to interview on “Live with Ghalia.” It was such a pleasure chatting and sharing our insights on experiential retail, pop-up retail, and how the retail environment is changing. Ghalia was very professional and knowledgeable about the industry! Thank you for the great opportunity to talk to your network about pop-up go and how we help connect brands and landlords. Looking forward to speaking again soon.

Stephen Brooks

The popup retail expert

Time simply flew past as Ghalia Boustani and I demystified pop up retail in our instagram live.
Pop up retailing is no longer the naughty child of retailing but, the mature adult in the room embracing all that is vital to successful retailing. Ghalia’s’ questioning and insight displayed in this live event underscores why she is fast becoming a thought leader in our industry.

Sunil Singh Sijapati

DBA. Revive Management, Canada

It was great to discuss unified commerce in a global context with Dr. Ghalia. She is one of the retail industry experts and I am honored to share my experiences with her today. Retail is changing and pop up retail has never been more important and Dr Ghalia is one of the great resource persons in that field.

Caila Schwartz

Senior manager consumer insights and strategy at Salesforce

Working with Ghalia on an Instagram Live event was such a wonderful experience. Ghalia has a keen and sharp mind for asking the right questions and sparking a vivid conversation. I hope we can work together on more projects in the future!

Francis Srun

CEO Luxury Selling

The live conversation went pretty well – perfectly organized, and it was a real conversation. Ghalia took the time to prepare the session as to make it as pleasant, insightful as possible to participants. A very nice experience


Senior research associate, University of Geneva

I have discussed with Ghalia the challenges and opportunities of the ongoing transformation towards a more sustainable fashion system from a consumer perspective. We live in interesting times and are witnessing changes of massive proportions in how we produce and consume clothes. One connection with Ghalia’s work that I particularly appreciated was the fact that pop-up shops and ephemeral retail can play an important role in supporting more circular business models in fashion and encouraging more sustainable forms of fashion consumption. Thank you, Ghalia, for the invitation and I hope to stay in touch and continue our collaboration!

Maya Mukhi


Thank you for choosing Mukhi Sisters to be on your live episode; and for letting us share the story of Mukhi Sisters. It was refreshing, exciting and empowering to answer your questions and share our experience with your audience. Finally, I would like to thank you for making me feel comfortable during our conversation and for taking the time to ask so many interesting questions.

We really enjoyed it and hope your viewers enjoyed it too and got something (even if just an idea!) from our talk!

Jeremey Sea

The new retail guy

I have had the great pleasure of going on Instagram Live with Ghalia to chat on Ephemeral Retailing, and she is definitely one of the world’s leading expert on this topic!

Peter Cook

President; On Trend Concept

Ghalia Boustani is a great resource for the retail industry. Her extensive social network and broad understanding of creative approaches in physical and digital retail are showcased in her “Live with Ghalia” broadcasts. OnTrend Concepts had the honor to be featured in one of her episodes and she made the experience a fun and easy way for us to talk about our area of expertise (in our case, pop-up retail). It was a great experience!

Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson

Four times LinkedIn Top Voices award winner

Ghalia has developed a reputation for being the person to go to when you need insights into Ephemeral Retailing. I’ve been a guest on her live streaming show, where we looked into how Branding and COVID-19 are shaping retail spaces – and I can say that Ghalia has a sharp mind and a lovely spirit

Daniela Leonini

CEO, Appuntamento

J’ai rencontré Ghalia grâce à Instagram, et j’ai eu une très gentille demande pour participer à un premier LIVE avec elle. Je dirais que nous avons eu ce je que j’appellerais un véritable coup de foudre. De live en live, nous avons appris à nous connaitre.
Et pour moi, il y a un véritable partenariat qui s’est instauré, d’abord avec les live car les sujets que je propose de traiter emballent toujours Ghalia, sa façon d’interviewer que je trouve fine en esprit, car elle connait et comprends les rouages du métier. Ce métier qui est en train de changer en profondeur. J’aime aussi beaucoup sa façon de penser « out of the box » mais tout en gardant une méthodologie bien rodée. Sa maitrise des outils digitaux qui me semble indissociable pour réussir demain.
Je suis extrêmement heureuse de la connaitre et je sais que nos collaborations futures vont être des meilleures car nous avons des valeurs communes.

Nicholas Rebet


Le live de Huckster était la première prise de parole de Retailoscope sur Instagram, le réseau sur lequel il est né. L’exercice était intéressant et m’a permis par la suite de rentrer en contact avec plusieurs autres professionnels qui avaient eux aussi participé aux lives.

Taleb Kabbara

Digital Marketer

I have had the pleasure of attending a live interview with Dr Ghalia Boustani. The interview dwelled on many interesting topics in Digital Marketing, from personal vs brand content, influencer outreach and marketing, and customer engagement with brands vs individuals. Dr Ghalia was a great moderator, and I would definitely love to speak more about other topics in Digital Marketing with her.

Giulia Maria Moschen Bracho

Trend Researcher and Consultant

Ghalia’s community is an excellent resource for everything you need to know about pop-ups and ephemeral retail. During the live interview, we had the chance to exchange ideas about the challenges in retail and talk about trends. Ghalia is a thoughtful and structured interviewer and her community a great public to exchange ideas. Thank you Ghalia!


Damilola Harris

Founder of PopUp United, UK

My name is Damilola Harris, Founder of PopUp United based in the UK. We support small and independent businesses, through popup events and more recently we have launched an E ecommerce website

I have had the pleasure to do a live Chat with Ghalia Boustani (founder of Huckster).

Ghalia is very passionate and dedicated to supporting popup stores, offering top tips on starting a popup store, how you can ensure a return on investment when setting up a popup store. I would say Ghalia is your number one go to if you need information about popup stores.

Charbel Feghaly

Business director & Brand manager at ForeandAft

My Interview with Ghalia was a pleasure, a casual chat tackling great technical aspects of the fashion industry. Ghalia is informed and experienced in the field, she asks spot on questions and keeps the discussion well channeled in order to deliver the desired messages.

Carla El Darazi

Media Coordinator & Social Media Project Manager

Always a pleasure to catch up with Ghalia ! I have had the opportunity to have her as my teacher and we have been able to exchange lots of insights on different topics ever since. Participating in Live with Ghalia was a great opportunity. We were able to give an introduction about what it is like to work with luxury brands. A great conversationalist, Ghalia knows how to keep the viewers hooked and her questions allow the talk to go smoothly. Thank you Ghalia for creating Huckster ! It is a great platform with many interesting topics and it gives a lot of useful information.

Chandan Panda

Founder and Director Shop Exp Pty Ltd.

It was such a great experience to talk to Ghalia on Instagram live from Paris. We spoke about ShopExp’s full suite of products and how we are working to change the way shoppers will shop in future using 3D designs and Virtual TryOn.

Ghalia’s knowledge on Retail trends and upcoming technology is par excellence. She understands Fashion Retail well enough to ask the right questions around futuristic technologies that are going to change the world of fashion retail.

I would like to thank Ghalia for this opportunity and can’t wait to collaborate again.

Sylvia Ouaknine

Brand Strategy. Creative Forward Thinker

The live session I had with Ghalia Boustani on “storytelling in retailing” was truly a memorable moment. Ghalia is engaging, personable and insightful. She speaks with knowledge and asked pertinent questions to go deeper into the subject to create a fabulous conversation. It was a real joy.

Nayla Obeid

Portfolio by Nayla Obeid

It was lovely being featured on Live with Ghalia the Luxury Edition as an emerging designer carving my path into the luxury world. It was a great opportunity to talk about my journey and current projects. Thank you Ghalia for giving me a voice and making me visible to share my experience and hopefully inspire others. Thank you for conveying your message through your talks and making luxury more accessible and tangible. Until we meet again!

Steve Lister

Managing Director

“Wow, what a way to spend an hour discussing my favourite topic, sustainability in retail. Some lively debate around the key questions and also some funny moments discussing what are very serious global, topics with Ghalia. My first Instagram LIVE, and it was a privilege to do it with such an expert in ephemeral stores within retail”

Bolupe Adebiyi

Founder Cotton Loops

We loved being in conversation with Ghalia and speaking on Sustainability and high street brands. We loved her fresh, expert perspectives and we were happy to offer ours as the top conscious high street womenswear brand in Africa and compare these across continents. The live was Vibrant and her audience was very engaging. Thank you Ghalia.

Rita Akar

Executive chef / Consultant chef – Baodaruma

I have had the great opportunity to go on a live chat with Ghalia for the debut launch of my popup store in Paris. The discussion itself was fun, engaging and straight to the point. It has given me a platform to showcase my brand and its mission. Ghalia’s professional and relatable approach was brilliant. From her support on the days leading to the chat, to her effortless manner of bringing the conversation to specific points of interest, to her follow up in the days that came after. Her true extensive knowledge on ephemeral retail combined with the genuine interest she takes in each and every one of her guests and the subjects make her THE go-to person to talk about all your popup plans. Thank you Ghalia, I am looking forward to working with you again very soon!

Kat McLennan

Dot to Dot

My “Live with Ghalia” discussing pop up retail and visual merchandising was a fantastic opportunity to chat about the important decisions retailers make when creating impactful shopping experiences. Ghalia’s extensive knowledge and relaxed interview style led to a thoughtful, fun, discussion around the considerations brands need to make when planning how they connect with customers through pop up shops and all channels of distribution

Ron Thurston

Best selling author| Retail Pride

I had the pleasure of having a fun and lively conversation with Ghalia on IG live all about RETAIL PRIDE and the current behaviors of customers and, even more importantly, what our teams need from us today. Ghalia has a strong understanding of the global retail environment, and she asked great questions that can apply to dozens of different retail environments.

Dr. Federica Carlotto

Course Leader Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Cultural Strategist @SALT

I had the best time on Ghalia’s live session on Instagram. Ghalia is an excellent host: she put me at ease and her thought-provoking questions allowed me to explore luxury retail from different angles.

Dr. Kelly Meng Parnwell

Director for MA Luxury Brand Management at Goldsmiths, University of London

Ghalia has a natural power to allow conversations to be delightful whilst also immensely illuminating! She never ceases to amaze me with the guests she manages to bring to the conversation table, people who bring a wide, diverse and topical range of subjects relating to luxury. As one of her most recent guests I certainly enjoyed our chat, and hope others found it interesting. I, for one, always find Ghalia’s conversations truly inspiring!


Luxury Media & Branding Consultant 

“An absolute pleasure to be part of this conversation, on a subject that’s quite pressing in today’s time! Thanks for having me Ghalia & making this truly fun and educational at the same time”