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Exchange, barter, bargain, retail… call it whatever you want! 
Commerce has evolved from a simple trade of goods and services to more complex forms that we recognize today. Whether taking a physical form or a digital aspect, retail keeps on evolving, changing and developing.


Huckster Does it All

Retailing is constantly evolving and everchanging.
To stay relevant, retailers are looking for ways to come closer to their customers and to create value.
Careful planning and informed decision-making is at the heart of a successful brands in today’s competitive retail environment.
What does a brand need to do, how it should be doing it and through which retail channels it is more likely to do so?

Brand assessment

Reading your brand’s states with a situational analysis to develop a relevant marketing and communications strategy

Qualitative data collection

Collecting relevant market qualitative data, assessing, analysing and presenting the findings.

brand visibility

Social media platforms have become indispensable brand visibility outlets. Join me in “live” to talk about your brand or business and share it with a wider audience!

ephemeral retailing

You are in safe hands! With my academic and professional backgrounds in pop-up retailing, I can assist in developing reports, plans, or studies related to pop-up stores.


Personalized solutions through the AARCO process


Looking at the problematic as you have told us, develop a brief that serves as guideline and set the basis of the project’s development

Assess & Reveal

Our understanding helps us assess the current situation with the desired aims and objectives.

We will then reflect on the givens to deliver the ideal guidelines for the brand and the work plan

Convey & Observe

We deliver and execute the plan, and follow it up.

We monitor the results and provide support along your journey.


Thank you for entrusting me with your brand!

About Ghalia BOUSTANI

Making retail a better place

I am pursuing research at Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne and I hold a Ph.D  from Ecole Supérieure des affaires. My main research interest is in ephemeral retailing; I have developed my first research on pop-up stores in the Middle East and I am now focusing my research on studying pop-up stores in Europe. Throughout my academic journey, I also worked closely with professionals and entrepreneurs on several projects with different retail brands.

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Personalized services to meet with your needs

Let me accompany your brand to take it to the next level. Are you looking at one-shot projects or long-term follow ups?

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