“The fashion retail industry has undergone some significant changes in the past few years. Not unlike many other industry verticals, online and mobile channels have forever changed the shopping experience in brick and mortar stores. The good news is that consumers enjoy shopping for clothing and accessories. In fact, 40% reported that they love it.  Considering clothing is a necessity, that is indeed good news. (Say, compared to shopping for gasoline for your car; also, a necessity- not very fun.) But the modern shopper is changing and is using more than five channels, with some up to as many as 14, to do their shopping. The rise of the digital channel in fashion retail has undoubtedly had an enormous impact on the typical physical store and the established business models in the fashion world.” (KDM blog)

“It is important to focus on engaging the customer both emotionally and behaviorally, which means that the communication on social media and physical retail stores should both excel in emotional appeal, and encourage various forms of interaction with the brand. Increasingly, success at retail is less about what the retailer has to sell and more about how they sell it. This is the new experiential paradigm shift in shopping. This will become even more critical in the future as success at retail will continue to shift toward how well retailers play to the emotions, psychology and feelings of the shopper (Danziger, 2006, p. 17). The need whether utilitarian or hedonic carries them to the store but emotions make them stay and shop.” (Sachdeva, I and Goel, S)

This post was written by Ghalia Boustani. (#iamhuckster #retail #gboustani #marketing #popup #ephemeralretail )