The hub of lifestyle men’s accessories found a home at “Pop Up Concepts”. Those looking for distinctiveness and exceptional items have access to products rarely found on the market and irreplaceable to whom seek them.

Having an eye for such products requires skills and sensibility towards a fashion business. A retail venture was a natural for the founder after an innate knowledge of the industry passed along the family’s business and seven years of managing fashion brands, “Pop Up Concepts” was created.

“Pop Up Concepts” branches out from what traditional stand-alone retailing signifies. It combines permanent physical presence with a constantly rotating interior environment, changing every time into a completely different look and feel: One can visit the store on a weekend, pass by again the other week to come across an entirely refurbished store.

It is with constant change of the store’s physical environment that the “concept” creates excitement and motivation for customers. Those eagerly stay put and outlook the next step. What makes the “concept” unique resides within its ability to provide change but stay clear on identity. It is a concept that reflects fun and novelty in whatever form it takes or whatever theme it may reflect.

Store transformation is an outcome of theme’s representation through space layout, furniture allocation on the floor, wall fixtures, lighting, choice of color palettes, textures, scents and music. A new “feel” transporting each visitor onto a story that is being told. One key component to the theme’s reflection lies in the offering; the range of product presented in store.

People valuing novelty and change will appreciate what the “concept” stands for and the way it gets in touch with them. They wait upon the pop-ups will appear around the city announcing different versions of the “concept”.

Understanding of the target customer leverages the “concept” with product selection and store range planning. “A customer can find items ranging from those having emotional value to those sold at higher price tags”. Putting together such a varied assortment is the result of a clear understanding of “Pop-up Concept’s” values: “It is not about the product, it is rather the meaning behind it. It is owning this particular value due to the significance that it holds. Thus, the selection looks at the meaning that these products transmit to their holders.

The owner looks for stocking his store with brands that are unconventional, detail oriented, style defined and that transcend above what is common. There is a tendency towards a selection of products that are grounded with uniqueness and have a cult of their own. Each brand’s collection found in store have been selected with attention. Products are rarely static as they change with the store’s environment’s change and with the customer’s need evolution and evolvement.

Traveling the world’s fashion capitals to hunt for exclusivity, uniqueness and talent are ingredients to “Pop Up Concepts” as they keep it lively and vibrant. It is a continuous search for sources providing collections with an ability to match the “concept’s” identity, add liveliness to it and keep the hype around it.

Putting it altogether, “Pop Up Concepts” is about injecting dynamism around a specific identity, and that is, a “concept” representing accessories, garments and artsy articles in an unconventional style and reflective of a customer who looks for a lifestyle as opposed to a product.

Todays’ fashion environment seeks value creation between brands and customers. This goes beyond merely presenting the right product at the right time and place; it is the ability to reflect a desire that consumers have through an ideal.

This article was written by Ghalia Boustani for Pop-up Concepts, Beirut Lebanon.  

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